Community Collaboration

Collaborative community education programs

Partnership-based, health-focused, culturally appropriate

Genetics is a new topic for many members of the public, particularly those in communities that are underrepresented in science, are underserved by the healthcare system, are recent immigrants to the US, and/or are non-native English speakers. These community members are often unaware of the connections between genetics and health.

To address these issues, we partner with local community organizations and their members to develop genetics and health education programs and materials that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. These programs use community-based participatory approaches to collaboratively work toward improving education and health for students, families, and other community members.

Projects include:

  • The Community Faces of Utah is a collaborative group formed among the leaders of five diverse community organizations, University of Utah faculty and staff and Utah Department of Health staff. Participating community organizations include the Best of Africa, Calvary Baptist Church, the Hispanic Health Care Task Force, the National Tongan American Society, and the Urban Indian Center. The group focuses on developing and conducting research-based health and education programs that are implemented across all five communities, incorporating culturally-appropriate modifications
  • Educational programs developed with individual communities
  • A multi-cultural community forum that brought together members from diverse Salt Lake Valley communities
  • Educational materials and activities for students and adults, adapted for specific cultures
  • Appropriate family activities and materials to accompany student curriculum materials
  • Videos for building awareness of gender differences in each community that are important to healthcare and research studies